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About me

I'm a student based in England, interested in design and development. I am the founder of Easy UI, a community for UI designers and frontend developers and co-founder/CTO at STEM Blog. I am also part of the team at cross.place.

Things I use

I am a frontend developer and work with tools such as React, Next.js, Alpine.js, but also Tailwind CSS. I am also a UI designer, and use tools such as Figma, and Vectornator to make designs/mockups for my work.


Easy UI

Easy UI is a discord community of UI designers and developers. I founded Easy UI, because I couldn't find any good Discord servers specifically for UI designers and frontend developers. I plan to release a few products with Easy UI soon.

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STEM Blog is a blog and discord community run by me and a few friends. We discuss STEM topics and answer questions related to STEM (science, tech, engineering, math).

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cross.place is an online marketplace with an interesting twist, bartering. Currently I am building this project with @monitrr, who founded it.

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